We are working on our St Mary Mackillop Catholic School Enrolment Policy. I choose to write about this today as it follows on from a Paid union meeting for our teachers where many things are discuss.


  • Class sizes
  • Cost of Education 

St Mary Mackillop Catholic School regularly receives more applications for enrolment than there are places at
the school and a fair and transparent system of selection is therefore required.The School is also aware of its
responsibility to comply with the maximum roll and number of non-preference students as stated and
governed by the school’s Integration Agreement with the Ministry of Education.

  1. To ensure a fair and transparent process for selection of students at “Auckland Catholic School”
  2. To ensure that the school roll is managed within the maximum allowed under the school’s Integration
  3. Agreement and that the number of non-preference students does not exceed the maximum number allowed
  4. To ensure that children in the local Catholic community have an opportunity for a Catholic education

In order to comply with the schools maximum roll applications for enrolment will be considered
separately for each year level according to the number of places available at each year level
and will be processed in the following order for each of the Priorities 1-4:

Priority of Enrolment

Priority 1 Preference applicants who have an association with ST Therese, St Anthony’s parish.

Priority 2 Preference applicants who have an association with Parish, Suburb as attested by the
Parish Priest of these parishes

Priority 3 All Other Preference

Priority 4 Non-preference applicants

  1. .      Siblings of current students
  2.       Siblings of former students
  3.       Applicants who is a child of an employee of the board of the school       
  4.      Children of former students of the school
  5.      All other students
  6.      Date of Enrolment

We work closely with our Board of trustees to make sure our school is being run in accordance with the diocese and the Ministry of Education. We are very lucky to have a great Board of trustees who have a genuine love for our school and want for it to keep getting better.